EVE 114 - Experimental Invertebrate Biology


Want to learn more about the remarkable diversity of tidepool animals that make their home on the rugged northern California coast?  Interested in gaining practical, hands-on experience while conducting your own research project? We will cover the biology, ecology, and evolution of local marine invertebrates with a focus on adaptations to environmental and biological factors encountered on the California coast. This course offers field trips and hands-on labs with an emphasis on testing hypotheses. Class experiments and independent research projects in the accompanying course BIS 124 (Coastal Marine Research) provide students with training and experience in all aspects of the research process including making observations, generating hypotheses, designing experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and scientific communication.

EVE 114: Experimental Invertebrate Biology (3 units)

Offered: Summer Session I (Professor Sanford)

Prerequisites: Introductory biology (Biological Sciences 2A, 2B, and 2C); Recommended courses: ecology (EVE 101) and/or evolution (EVE 100). Concurrent enrollment in BIS 124 (Coastal Marine Research) and residence at or near Bodega Marine Laboratory are required. Interested students must complete a short application due by April 15th. For more details, please visit the Bodega Marine Laboratory course webpage.